Collection: A-Plus® CRB & Reflectorized Traffic Paint

A-Plus® Hi-Performance Chlorinated Rubber Based Traffic Paint is a new generation modified CRB coating specifically formulated for road and street marking applications. It is a one-component paint that dries fast to an extremely strong durable film. It has superior outdoor durability, extreme abrasion resistance, and can withstand sunlight exposure. It is the professional choice best used for exposed outdoor sidewalks, light posts, parking areas, road markings, humps, and many more.

  • Modified Chlorinated Rubber Based Traffic Paint
  • Easy To Apply, Dries Fast, Easy to Maintain
  • Alkali-Resistant, Non-Flaking, Non-Chalking, Non-Cracking
  • Outstanding Adhesion and Durability, Easy Maintenance/Cleaning
  • Superior Resistance to UV Exposure, Chemicals, and Weathering
  • Excellent Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance
  • Ideal for All Road Marking Applications
  • Lead-Free