Collection: A-Plus PowerRoof® Acrylic Roofing Paint

A-Plus PowerRoof® is a premium pure Acrylic water-based roofing paint designed to provide excellent beautification and protection for roofs. The paint dries to a glossy, tough, durable, and dirt-resisting finish. It can be applied on most common roof materials like galvanized iron sheets and cementitious roof tiles. It also has heat reflective properties which helps minimize transfer of solar heat to the house’s interiors.

  • 100% Premium Acrylic Roofing Paint
  • Excellent Weatherability & Ultraviolet Resistance
  • Fast Drying High-Gloss Durable Finish
  • Very Good Color Retention and Adhesion
  • Excellent Dirt Pick-Up Resistance, Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Apply, Lead-Free, Environment Friendly Paint
  • Available in 16 Factory-Mixed Colors