Collection: A-Plus® Plasterbond Cement Admixture

A-Plus® Plasterbond is a concrete add-mix (slow setting) that serves as a multipurpose plastering and bonding aid, concrete repair, as well as a tile adhesive. It improves both the application and end-properties of concrete by enhancing its flow properties during application stage and overall concrete tensile-flexural-compressive strength, allowing concrete mix to be easily applied on the substrate without pre-mature gelling and setting. This product is best used at on-site concrete mixing and mechanical works.

  • Repair Heavily Damaged Concrete Surfaces
  • Superior Plastering and Bonding Aid
  • Can be used as a Tile Adhesive
  • Prevention of Premature Gelling/Setting of Concrete
  • Enhancement of Concrete-Mix Flow
  • Maximizing Overall Tensile-Flexural-Compressive Strength