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A-Plus Procrete® Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy

A-Plus Procrete® Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy

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A-Plus Procrete® Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy is a thermosetting heavy-duty construction epoxy used for repairing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns and piers. It fills deep inside cracks and is capable of restoring the concrete to its pre-cracked strength. Aside from being self-leveling, it has superior adhesion and cures to a very strong material resistant to water, chemical spills, temperature extremes, and mechanical abuse.

  • 100% Solids Construction Epoxy
  • Cures to an Extremely Tough, Hard, and Durable Reinforcing Material
  • Superior Adhesion and Does Not Shrink
  • Cures Even in Damp Conditions
  • Low Viscosity and Excellent Flow Properties
  • Fast Curing, Easy Workability, Wide Range of Application
  • Applied/Injected Using Pressure-assisted Tools



Principal Uses:
☑Used for repairing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns, corners, and minute concrete pores, etc
☑Can be used as a bonding agent for different substrates
☑For repairing/patching spalled and damaged areas on concrete structures
☑Can be used as a tile adhesive

Surface Dry: 2 – 3 hrs

Dry Through: Cures overnight. Abrasion resistance against foot traffic and mechanical works fully develops within three (3) days of curing.

Thinning: Use as supplied. Clean-up equipment or tools with A-Plus® PG Epoxy Reducer while material has not yet hardened.

Clean-up Solvent: A-Plus® PG Epoxy Reducer

Application: Putty Knife/Spatula/Caulking Gun

Packaging: 400mL cannister, 1L can, 4L can

Pot life: 1-2 hours

Mixing Ratio: 1:1

Compressive Strength(ASTM D695): 10,000psi


Surface Preparation:

  1. Surface must be thoroughly cleaned, free from any contaminants that may affect adhesion such as wax, oil, grease, rust, and loose particles.
  2. Grind the concrete crack around 5mm – 10mm in depth by using a mechanical grinder for better adhesion then clean again.
  3. Drill holes to be used for injecting the product along the crack area.
  4. Flush compressed air along the crack lines to completely dry and remove dirt and other loose contaminating materials.


  1. Moving structural cracks and water leaks must be addressed by an engineer before application of product.
  2. MIX WELL before using. Mixing ratio: 1:1 by volume, Component A and Component B. Potlife of mixed components is around 1-2 hours. Use different spatulas to avoid contamination. Do not put mixed components back into its original container.
  3. Keep away from reach of children. Avoid breathing vapor, use with adequate ventilation.
  4. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Wash hands thoroughly after handling, before eating or smoking.
  5. All solvent-based and oil-based paints and putties are Flammable!


Application Procedure:

  1. MIX WELL for 5 minutes before using. Mixing ratio 1:1 by volume, Component A and Component B. Potlife of mixed components is around 1-2 hours. To avoid wastes, mix just enough material for application within the indicated pot life. Make sure both components are mixed homogeneously.
  2. Drill holes along the cracks and space them at 2-3 inches apart. Another option is to place injection ports/straws and bonding the base directly to the crack using A-Plus Procrete® High Visco Construction Epoxy. These serve as entryways for getting the repair material deep into the crack.
  3. Seal the remaining exposed cracks using A-Plus Procrete® High Visco Construction Epoxy while leaving only the drilled holes/ports uncovered.
  4. Inject the mixture of A-Plus Procrete® Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy through the drilled holes/ports until it overflows. Begin at the lowest hole/port on the wall and continue until the epoxy begins to ooze out of the hole above it. Seal hole before moving up to the next, repeating this procedure until the entire crack has been filled.
  5. Allow at least 1 day for the epoxy to cure and penetrate into the cracks. The injection ports/straw can then be removed by striking them with a trowel or hammer.

Cleanup: Tools and/or equipment used during application should be cleaned immediately before the mixture cures. Use A-Plus® PG Epoxy Reducer or ordinary paint thinner as cleaning solvents. For soiled hands, wipe with cloth dampened with solvents followed by washing with soap and water.

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