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Bostik Powermix Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing

Bostik Powermix Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing

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Bostik Powermix is a flexible, fibre-reinforced and specially modified high-grade acrylic polymer that is mixed with Portland Cement to provide superior water protection and more to concrete surfaces.


Horizontal: Four (4) square meters per gallon @ 1mm dry film thickness (2 coats @ 8 square meter per coat)

Vertical: Eight (8) square meters per gallon @ 0.5mm dry film thickness (2 coats @ 16 square meter per coat)


4 liter gallon or 16 liter pail

Mixing Ratio:

(1 gallon Powermix: 4.5 kgs. Or 3.5 liters Portland cement)

1. Once the primed surface is dry to touch, prepare the
Powermix cementitious mixture (1 gallon Powermix:
4.5 kgs or 3.5 liters Portland cement) and measures an
area of 8sqm.
2. Apply the prepared mixture by brush over the
measure area, to serve as the first coat.
3. Allow the first coat to cure from 1-2 hours, then
prepare a second mixture.
4. Apply the second mixture over the first coat by roller
(applied on the opposite direction).
5. Let dry for 24 hours before flood testing.
6. Concrete topping is recommended for exposed areas
subject to regular traffic (e.g. roof decks, etc.).

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