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Davco K10 Premium - Waterbased Hybrid PU Waterproofing

Davco K10 Premium - Waterbased Hybrid PU Waterproofing

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Davco K10 Premium - Waterbased Hybrid PU Waterproofing is a liquid-applied polyurethane-containing elastomeric seamless waterproofing membrane. Moisture-cured characteristics ensures that further works can be carried out at a shorter time once the membrane has dried out.



  • Wet areas: shower recesses, bathrooms, kitchens, toilets etc.
  • All types of roofs, balconies and decks
  • Retaining walls and basements
  • Waterproofing, repair and rust protection for gutters, troughs and tanks, parapet walls and flashings
  • Waterproofing of tanking,planter boxes, external areas such as suspended structures
  • Damp-proofing of sandwich slabs, above and below grade
  • Sealing of joints
  • Lining faulty gutters and downpipes
  • Eliminates soldering of cracked non-ferrous roof valleys and flashings



  1. All surfaces to be treated must be as clean and dry as possible.
  2. It may be necessary to wire brush areas where dirt or scale cannot be removed, with a stiff broom. Moisture content should not be at the saturated zone.
  3. Check surface for cracks, splits, flashing, coverings, etc. Where cracks exceed 1 mm, they must be filled with fabric matting, followed by a liberal application of DAVCO K10 PREMIUM.
  4. For reduction in blistering and better adhesion to concrete substrate, prime area with Davco K10 Acrylic Primer prior to application.
  5. DAVCO K10 PREMIUM should be applied directly from the pail.
  6. Apply one coat of DAVCO K10 PREMIUM to the whole area and allow to cure, approx. 6-10 hours. (Temperature dependent)
  7. Apply the 2nd coat in a perpendicular direction to the 1st coat.
  8. All joints in floors should preferably be treated with additional coat of DAVCO K10 PREMIUM.
  9. DAVCO K10 PREMIUM can be applied by brush or roller.
  10. Normally a minimum of 2 coats is required, unless a trowel method of application is adopted.
  11. Where DAVCO K10 PREMIUM has to be applied to above a height of 500mm from the floor level, a wire mesh is recommended to be fixed prior to applying the protective render to prevent cracking and to improve adhesion.
  12. Ponding should be carried out at least 48 hours after the final application of DAVCO K10 PREMIUM.


  • 4-Liter (container)
  • 20-Liter (container)

Note: for 4-Liter gallon may be different on actual stock due to update in packaging.


Approximately 20m²/pail/0.8mm (wet film thickness) per 2 coats.

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