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DAVIES® Gloss-it®

DAVIES® Gloss-it®

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DAVIES® Gloss-it® is a high-performance decorative and protective alkyd-based gloss enamel for application on properly primed wood, metal, and other architectural surfaces. 

Type: Alkyd Enamel

Finish: High Gloss

Color Range: White, Black, 27 Standard Colors, Tint Bases for pastel, Medium, Deep Colors

Practical Coverage: 30-35 sq.m / 4 liters / coat depending on surface porosity

Pack Sizes: 4-Liters


  • Smooth, high gloss finish
  • Very good durability
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces

Recommended Use:

Suitable for interior and exterior substrates such as furniture, cabinets, kitchen walls, bathroom, window frames, garden sets, tools, bicycle, automotive, and steel structures for factories and warehouses.

Painting Instructions:

Application Tools: Brush/ Roller/ Spray

Thinning: Dilute with not more than 5% Davies® 40 Paint Thinner


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