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Fulatite Plastic Wood Dough

Fulatite Plastic Wood Dough

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Fulatite Plastic Wood Dough is a nitrocellulose lacquer-type plastic wood dough for repairs of all defects and smoothing out of wood. It is applied using putty knife by pressing firmly into holes, cracks and grain with a sliding motion that leaves the plastic slightly above the wood surface.

After drying for about one hour, the surface may be sanded level.

Fulatite should be applied to clean and dry surfaces only. After the material is hard, it may be coated with lacquer type paint. It may be tinted with lacquer type material and NGR Penetrating Stain. When thinning is desired, use lacquer thinner.

Available ; 1/4-L, 1/2-L, 1-Liter, 4-Liter


  • Keep away from eye contact
  • Keep away from mouth
  • Read instructions properly before using
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