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Gold Lacquer Thinner

Gold Lacquer Thinner

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Gold Lacquer Thinner can easily soften and thin away paints that are difficult to remove as they have turned solid and flaky on smooth surfaces.

Some can be used eliminate leftover residue from cements and plastics. These thinners can also be used on clothing made of natural fibres to remove varnish stains and paint spots.

The primary purpose of lacquer thinner is to thin paints that are made with lacquer or are lacquer-based. They are primarily used to clean brushes, rollers, and spray paint devices after lacquer paints have been used.

Unlike water which does little to break up the paint, the ingredients of the thinner will break down the lacquer which removes it from the surface.


  • 4-Liters (Gallon)
  • 16-Liters (Tin)
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