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Lanko 113 Lanko Patch

Lanko 113 Lanko Patch

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Lanko 113 LankoPatch is a fine rendering mortar for the repair of surface defects on concrete panels or traditional renders of walls or ceilings with thickness of 2mm to 10mm.

  • Interior and exterior walls and ceilings from 2mm to 10mm thickness
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Precast concrete panels
  • Traditional rendering

Coverage is approximately 1.3kg/sqm/mm

Product Preparation:

  • Machine – mix or hand – mix one 25kg bag of Lanko113 LankoPatch with 4.5 - 5.5 liters of water until the compound is evenly distributed.
  • No water should be added after mixing.
  • Leave the mixture to stand for several minutes.
  • Remix before application.


  • Apply mortar with a stainless steel trowel or rubber float.
  • Allow to draw prior to finishing by lightly rubbing in a circular motion with a steel trowel (semi – smooth finish) or rubber float (rough/wood float finish).
  • Allow a minimum of 7 days curing (depending on the thickness and atmospheric conditions) before applying a covering material.


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