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Pioneer Concrete Epoxy High Viscosity 4L Set

Pioneer Concrete Epoxy High Viscosity 4L Set

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Pioneer Pro Concrete Epoxy High Viscosity (H.V) is a thermosetting type of concrete adhesive specially designed for application on damp or dry conditions, exhibit non-sagging behavior when applied on vertical or sloping surface up to 1/8"thick lms and most especially producing tough, hard, durable and infusible bond between concrete and wood, metal, masonry or asbestos once cured.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty epoxy adhesive
  • 100% solids content
  • Bonds old to new concrete
  • Works on damp and dry surfaces
  • Non-sagging on vertical applications up to 1/8 inch thick lms
  • Non-shrinking, non-chipping and
  • Non-cracking once cured
  • High water and chemical resistance after curing
  • Sandable and Paintable

As an Epoxy Adhesive:

  1. Bonding old concrete to freshly poured concrete topping, thus eliminating "cold" joints between old and new concrete.
  2. Replaces cement in bonding pre-cast, concrete structural units such as concrete decors under damp or dry conditions.
  3. Bonding wood or metal to concrete surfaces such as anchoring machinery to a concrete floor.
  4. Anchoring and grouting concrete or ceramic oor tiles over cement, wood or steel.

As an Epoxy Mortar:

  1. Patching spalled and damaged areas in concrete structures.
  2. As a tack coat or primer before pouring fresh concrete topping when bringing low areas to proper grade.

Application Procedure:

A. Surface Preparation:
Surface must be clean and free of dirt, paint, oil, grease, loose scale and other surface contaminants. Concrete surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned by sandblasting, acid-etching or mechanical grinding. If acid-etching is used, the surface must be thoroughly ushed with water and neutralized. Surfaces should be clean and ready for application before the adhesive is mixed.

B. Mixing:
Mix equal volumes of Parts A and B.

Blend well until uniform color is obtained. To avoid wastage, prepare only the amount consumable within one (1) hour.

C. Method:
After thorough blending of mixture has been done, apply the adhesive on both surfaces to be bonded by spatula, trowel or putty knife. ln bonding old to new concrete, coat old concrete with Pioneer Pro Concrete Epoxy HV and pour fresh concrete immediately over epoxy tack coat. For an effective bond, applied epoxy should be very tacky before pouring the fresh concrete mixture, having minimal water content, such as, a slump of two (2) inches.

D. Cleaning:
Clean all tools or equipment used while adhesive is still in its uncured state. Use Pioneer Epoxy Reducer or solvents to clean tools and spills.

Store in a dry place at ambient temperature. Keep containers tightly closed, when not in use.
Shelf Life:
18 months from manufacturing date when kept in a sealed, unopened container following the required storage condition.

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