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Rayco Superfine White Skimcoat 20kg.

Rayco Superfine White Skimcoat 20kg.

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RAYCO SUPERFINE SKIMCOAT is a finishing cementitious, thin plastering mortar formulated for interior and exterior application for concrete surface and pre-casts. SUPREMO SKIMCOAT is a one product that is easy to apply and exhibits excellent properties. It also reduces construction costs by replacing three applications – concrete neutralizer, patching compound and flatlatex as primer. It is used to even surfaces up to 0 – 3mm thick to face up most types of masonry.


  • Excellent bond to the concrete substrate
  • Excellent non-sag properties that give good workability on both vertical and overhead applications
  • No chalking, cracking or flaking
  • Long term durability


  • Thin plastering
  • Filling pinholes prior to over coating
  • Interior and Exterior


Color: White and Gray

Coverage: 20m2 per bag at 1mm thickness.

Coverage figures are theoretical and due to wastage factors and the nature of possible substrates, practical coverage will be reduced.

Working Time: Approximately 1-hour

Packaging: 20 kg bag

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life : 12 months from manufacturing date.



  1. All surfaces must be smooth, sound and free from debris. Surfaces must be free from oil contamination.
  2. Concrete surfaces must be free from any trace of release oils and curing compound. Prior to application, wet substrate well with clean water especially for outdoor application & during extreme hot weather conditions.
  3. Apply the mixed Supremo Skimcoat using a steel trowel. Thin skim coating will dry in about 30– 4 5 minutes depending on temperature and porosity of substrate. Smoothenthe skim coat with soft paint brush or troweled.

Note: No further addition of water to unused plaster is required. Supremo Skimcoat may be over coated with a decorative coating after 48 hours depending on the ambient condition.


  1. Using a plastic container, place 7-8 liters of clean water in the container and add 20 kg of Supremo Skimcoat.
  2. Mix thoroughly using a slow speed electric drill fitted with paddle for 3 – 5 minutes until desired homogeneous paste is achieved.
  3. Depending on the ambient temperature and the desired consistency, the amount of water required may vary slightly but should not exceed 8.0 liters per 20 kg bag of Supremo Skimcoat.
  4. Always add powder to water.
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