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Sikament® NN Powder

Sikament® NN Powder

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Sikament® NN Powder is a highly effective dual action superplasticizer for the production of free-flowing concrete or as a substantial water-reducing agent for promoting high early and ultimate strengths; complies with ASTM C-494 Type F.

Sikament® NN Powder is used as a superplasticizer in the production of free-flowing concrete such as:

  • Slabs and foundations
  • Walls, columns and piers
  • Slender components with densely packed reinforcement
  • Textured surface finishes

It is also used as a water reducing agent leading to high early strength concrete such as:

  • Precast concrete elements
  • Hollow blocks and pavements
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Bridges and cantilever structures
  • Areas of concrete where formwork must be removed quickly or early loading applied

Packaging: 150g bag

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